AGE 21

Joe is the oldest of the three Mikitarian boys. After several years of accomplishments in quarter midget racing, he retired in 2006. Joe moved on to the NEMA Lite series, www.NEMAracing.com, driving the red #9 Triple M Midget. Hopefully, he will be
back behind the wheel this year, after taking some time off for fishing!


2006 - Gasoline Alley Nationals, World Formula, 2nd Place, Indianapolis Motor Speedway

2005 - Gasoline Alley Nationals, Heavy Honda Champion, Indianapolis Motor Speedway

2005 - Custom Midget Club Heavy Honda Champion

2005 - Heavy Honda Race of Champions Winner,
Little T Speedway

2004 - Heavy Honda & Heavy 160 Super Feature Winner,
Silver City Speedway

Joe hustling his Jr. Half while qualifying for the
2008 Eastern Grands, Meriden, CT

NEMA Lite Midget



















































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